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Easter Ham Shoots

  2010 Dates: March 11 & 18         Time: Start at 7:00 PM

This is a variation on the popular Easter Egg Shoot conducted by a couple of other clubs in the area. Course of fire is as follows: all shooters fire one shot on a paper target. All targets are then scored. The adult shooter firing the BEST CENTER SHOT wins a ham. The junior shooter firing the best center shot also wins a prize. This is repeated 11 more times. Essentially, there are 12 one shot matches with an adult and junior winner of each match. Each of the last 2 shots is called a Losers Match, which means, if you have won once or twice during the first 10 you can not shoot in the last 2. These are fun and frustrating and require a little skill and a lot of luck! Cost: $10 for adults; 16 yrs. and under $5.


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